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"We can't find a heartbeat. You're going to have to push..."

When Taylor and Linlee Morton heard the words that no parent ever wants to hear, they were faced once again with the death of a loved one. This time, it was their firstborn son, Beckett Williams Morton. Purpose Through the Pain chronicles the struggles of faith, grief, questioning, and searching for hope while coming face to face with death.

As followers of Jesus, Taylor and Linlee wondered why, where was God, and did He have a plan in the middle of their tragedy? Does grace and hope exist and can it truly be discovered even in one of life's darkest moments?

Through their journey with losing their son Beckett, Taylor and Linlee discovered that we can all find the Purpose Through the Pain by:

- Helping Others

- Pointing People to Jesus

- Glorifying God

By sharing their own pain and journey, Taylor and Linlee invite us to discover how we can prepare for our darkest moment while pointing us to see hope through the darkness of the present moment. God is there, He is in control, and Jesus is our true hope.

Finding Purpose Through The Pain

SKU: 9780578899183
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